Top 6 Best Luxury Hotels San Francisco, California

Visiting the world and staying in the stunning hotels and resorts is a common dream among people of this world. In this world, there are number of places for visiting where a lot of restaurants, hotel and resorts are going on. Your comfortable stay make whole journey comfortable and charming. If you are visiting the stunning places but at night you are fail to rest properly then your visit and tour make your life hectic. Tell me one thing that are you thinking to visit California and your journey may long. If yes, then you have to think that where will you stay. In this article we are going to discuss best luxury hotels in California

1 Calistoga Ranch, AnAuberge Resort

Calistoga Ranch, an Auberge Resort, is located in the Upper Napa Valley. It is expend in 157 arc wide. It is a Luxurious resort of the city! Amenities

  • Delicious breakfast
  • Swimming pools
  • Fitness center
  • Tasty lunch
  • Proper dinner


  • Luxury resort with luxury environment
  • free-standing guest accommodations
  • Favorable hospitality for you and your family
  • Can enjoy private lack
  • Private spa
  • Yoga deck
  • Daily fitness classes if you want to stay fit throughout your trip
  • Private wine cave
  • Can enjoy natural views of majestic hills, ancient oaks and rock-hewn stream


  • Outdated furniture in rooms
  • Room sleep is disturbing due to outdoor noise

2. The Peninsula Beverly Hills

The Peninsula is called a tranquil oasis located in the heart of Beverly Hills. This hotel is attractive and magnetic itself, both inside and out. You will feel fresh when you just enter in the boundary of the Peninsula. It could really be a six star, if you want to enjoy all the 6 star amenities in your trip. Amenities

  • Parking
  • Restaurant
  • Timely room service
  • Bar and lounge
  • Laundry services
  • Free and fast internet service (Wi-Fi)


  • You will enjoy uniquely personalized services
  • You can enjoy the walk inside the hotel along with lemon and palm trees
  • Fitness center
  • Steam room/hammam
  • Pool and Spa


  • Not enough stylish
  • Food is quite expensive
  • Extra charges for midnight parking

3. Post Ranch Inn

If you are a reader or writer then this is the place where you should be staying, because of the peace you are going to get here. With stunning views Post Ranch Inn is perfectly finest place for the reader and writers. If you want to spend your holidays in calm and charming environment then you should go for it without wasting a second. Amenities

  • Premium privacy for you if you are a peace lover
  • Luxurious tree houses for the perfect scenery
  • Special treatment services
  • Free car service


  • Can enjoy the fine art collection if you love to be at a place where you can have astounding art around
  • Spa and pool
  • You can enjoy a spiritual adventure designed to enhance your physical and mental well-being
  • Lots of free snacks,
  • Well-stocked minibars
  • Dedicated service
  • Adult’s property


    • Spa has just 4 treatment rooms
    • Small fitness center
    • No TVs or alarm clocks in the rooms
  • If you are taking your kids with you then this is not the place where you should be staying. As it is an Adults property and not suitable for families with kids

4. Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa

Rancho Valencia is located on wealthy staying communicating in the hills of Southern California. It is a most stylish and artistic hotel. With excellent room services and free Wi-Fi this hotel is best hotel in CaliforniaAmenities

  • Stylish Suites
  • Fire places
  • Free and high speed Wi-Fi services (but you should not be wasting the time on internet)
  • Cooperative Room services
  • Wonderful restaurant
  • Modern fitness center
  • Parking include
  • Morning juice
  • Mini bar
  • Newspaper


  • Within walking distance of the Farms golf course so that you can easily enjoy golf without having to travel much
  • Private suites with fireplaces and patios
  • Restaurant with outdoor seating
  • Spa with high-end treatments
  • Two outdoor pools
  • Nice fitness center
  • 18 tennis courts
  • A croquet lawn
  • Free use of bikes
  • Free access to Callaway Golf Clubs


  • 20-minute drive to the beach

5. Auberge du Soleil

If you want to live in Napa Valley, Auberge du Soleil is a finest option. It has fantastic views of countryside and vineyards. For couples this place is a perfect due to its suites romantic environment. So, if you are planning to go with you partner then you should consider this place, without having a second thought. Amenities

  • Suits with fire places to make the atmosphere more romantic
  • Wonderful restaurant
  • Fitness center with outdoor and indoor facilities
  • Free use of a Mercedes to borrow


  • Beautiful and secluded location
  • Elegant rooms and suites with fireplaces
  • Terraces and deep soaking tubs
  • Restaurant
  • 24-hour room service
  • More casual Bistro & Bar for cocktails and food
  • Private treatment rooms
  • Lovely outdoor pool with hot tub
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free use of a Mercedes


  • Isolated location, so car is necessary
  • Kids under 16 not allowed
  • Use of Mercedes for limited time

6. The St. Regis San Francisco

The St. Regis is built in 2005, and now offering the magnetic luxury rooms. The whole building is decorated with fine artistic efforts and magnetic decorations with Francisco art. Amenities

  • Luxurious rooms
  • 24 hour rooms services
  • Bathroom with all toiletries
  • Wonderful spa and pool
  • Lobby lounge


  • Impressive contemporary art collection, so if you are an art lover then consider this place
  • Central location is a plus point
  • Union Square
  • Close to museums
  • 24/7 butler service
  • 24-hour pool at Remade
  • Spa free; other facilities are charged per day
  • Restaurant serving breakfast and lunch


  • Fee for Wi-Fi (not good if you need internet full time)
  • SoMa location lacks the prestige